Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ford Motors Reported Sells of 2M Cars in 2012

The U.S automaker Ford said that it sold over 2 million car units in 2012. The total sales are 2.2 Million which is a 7% increased compared to fiscal 2011.
Ford has said it continues to be the #2 seller in the U.S despite the fact it has continue to lose market share, specially to Asian automakers like Toyota and Hyundai. Ford increase sales is lower than the industry as a whole, which total over 13% increase  for  2012.

Most of Ford success comes thanks to its model focus which is in track to become the best selling car globally in 2012.

Ford Fiesta, which another best seller for the company,is expected to become the wold's best seller on 
The Ford Fiesta, another of the company’s best-selling vehicles, is also expected to be the worldwide best-selling B and C-car, based on a recent Polk global industry data report.

Thanks to its eco Boost engines Ford has experienced a transformation from a small car automaker to an efficient line of vehicles with global demand.  2012 will be the third consecutive year that Ford reports over all sales growth.
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The whole car industry was hit in 2009 by a serious of bankruptcies of big car makers including GM and Chrysler  Ford was the only U.S car maker that did not enter into  a financial rescue package created by the U.S government. Ford is currently the only car maker to have 3 models on the top 10 list best seller  world wide. Ford said recently it has lose some U.S market share, mostly due to its inability to keep up with customers demand for its F series models.

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