Sunday, January 6, 2013

Slow Selling Volkswagen Routan Only Available as Fleet for 2013

The Routan a minivan launch for the American car market in 2008 by Volkswagen will become in 2013 a fleet-only 
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The minivan has been selling very slow for Volkswagen ever since its introduction with average sales of 10.000 units per year. Volkswagen has a manufacturing contract with Chrysler to build its Town and Country minivan for the American market until 2014. Last year sales of Town and Country were close to 115.000 units, making the model one of the top selling for Chrysler.
The production of Routan was stopped in June 2012 and it is expected to restart in Summer 2013 but Volkswagen has announced that it will not longer be available to individual buyers but instead it will only be for sale for corporate clients as a fleet-only product.
The German car makers has plans for new 7 passengers crossover which it hopes will be more appealing for its American costumers.
With this news, Volkswagen closed 2012 which company wide was a great year for the automaker, with total sales in the U.S approaching 450.000 units,an increased over last year's sales of 35%, the third consecutive double digit sales growth. 

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