Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nissan to Add a New Cheaper Leaf to Production Line

Nissan has announced it will add a newer line of its leaf model. A cheaper, more affordable version. The new line will be produced in the companies plan in Tennessee. (need a fast towing service in nyc )

The new model, the "S" will be cheaper than its SV and SL versions. All 2013 models will be featuring a shorter battery recharge from seven hours currently, to a four hours said Nissan, addressing with it, one of the most important issue for first generation leaf owners.

 The new models will also have optional upgrades like leather seats. With these measures, Nissan is aiming to increase its leaf sales in the U.S where last year the company sold only 9.000 units, a 1% increase compare to 2011. This numbers are far from its 20.000 units per year target. 

The company started producing lithium-ion batteries on its Tennessee plant, which is the largest in the world, thanks to a government loan of 1.4 billion aim to jump start the use of electric cars.

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 Current models on the market of the leaf range in price from $35000 to $40000 and all customers enjoy a $7000 tax credit on that purchase. Current models have a range of 73 miles per charge.

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