Sunday, January 6, 2013

GM Said It Sold Over 1M 30 MPG Cars for The First Time in 2012

General Motors has said that for the first time, in the year ending on 2012 it has sold over a million units of its vehicles  that featured a gas consumption of 30MPG or more. It is the first American car maker to achieve that mile stone.

Market conditions in the last year, specially sustain high gas prices, have increased the demand for cars with lower gas consumption. The 30 MPG mark is a higher standard for the card industry that has forced them to create new technologies that great car performance while using less gas. The 40 mpg mark is consider one that can be achieve by using expensive hybrid models, while the 30mpg can be produce using current gas-only technologies.

GM said that is currently producing 13 different models that achieve 30mpg or more. Here is the list of those models for 2012: (visit too: best car repair nyc)

Buick LaCrosse: up to 36 mpg
Buick Regal: up to 36 mpg
Buick Verano: up to 32 mpg
Cadillac ATS: up to 33 mpg
Chevrolet Camaro: up to 30 mpg
Chevrolet Cruze: up to 42 mpg
Chevrolet Equinox: up to 32 mpg
Chevrolet Impala: up to 30 mpg
Chevrolet Malibu: up to 37 mpg
Chevrolet Sonic: up to 40 mpg
Chevrolet Spark: up to 38 mpg
Chevrolet Volt: up to 98 mpg/e
GMC Terrain: up to 32 mpg

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The company also said that it continues to work on research and development of ever more efficient technologies and it has a line up of great mpg achievers for 2013.

A few of those expected to hit the market are:

The Buick Encore crossover
The Cadillac ELR extended-range electric vehicle (pictured above)

The whole car industry is now competing to market  low consumption or eco- friendly vehicles. Automaker Hyundai made headlines in 2012 with the introduction of its highly publicized 41 mpg  Elantra which was named U.S car of the year and which set a new standard of what can be achieve regarding gas consumption.

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