Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Toyota Likely to Get Title of World's Biggest Carmaker in 2012

The Japanese Carmaker Toyota will be likely to become again the worlds largest automaker in 2012. GM and Volkswagen are fighting for second place.

With a total shipments of 80 Million for the year,  the car industry is closely watching the last 2 weeks of the years which according with projections would let Toyota takes again from GM the title of largest automaker by sales. Toyota recovered from 2011 Japan's tsunami. The second place is a very close rase between American GM and European Volkswagen.
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The good results of these 3 companies are the result of strong sales in the American market, which is heading for a 3rd consecutive year of growth, followed the industry crisis of 2009.

The 2013 race will see a very strong Volkswagen which is expected to ship as much as 600 thousand units. The year will also see the Chinese market rebound, which is a very strong market also for Volkswagen.

Toyota Motors to pay 17 Million Fine

In other news, Toyota has been sentenced by the U.S Department of Transportation to pay a record  17.35 Million for failing to report a safety defect to the government.

The fine is the largest one ever imposed to carmaker by any control agency. The fine relates to an issue that causes unwanted acceleration on the 2010 Lexus RX 350 Models.

Toyota reported the agency that a total of 63 incidents have occurred with the mentioned model. Current laws required that any automaker report to agency incidents within 5 business days. Toyota was fine a total of 48 million in 2010 for 3 individual investigations related to how it handles reports of issues with its line of vehicles in the market.

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