Thursday, January 3, 2013

Challenging Times for the Electric Carmaker Fisker in 2013

After 1 year of its market introduction, eco friendly car maker Fisker will be facing a good amount of issues in 2013. To start it will need to stop production until its battery supplier A123 emerge from Bankruptcy.A Chinese company is the new owner of A123 and so far it is not clear if they will continue to supply batteries for Fisker.

The car maker made headlines in 2012 with the introduction of its hybrid luxury sedan. The brand right away gained the support and business of big celebrities like Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio who each bough a Fisker. Its elegant design a low gas consumption created thousands of instant company fans.

The company's CEO has said that if not other battery supplier can be found, it would run out of inventory by spring 2013. The executive also said, he is looking for investors or potentially an alliance with one of the big traditional car makers.  Doing so, will allow his company to start working on production of its planned 2013 and 2014 line of cheaper models. (visit nyc towing service )

In 2012 the company got a loan of 528 million by the U.S federal government trough its clean energy incentive program, but it could only access 190 million, after it failed to meet the government strict production standard.

Fisker was created in 2008 by Henrik Fisker, who in the past was a celebrated designer for luxury car makers Aston Martin and BMW. That year Fisker showed up at the U.S auto show with a concept model aim to compete with brands like Jaguar and Mercedes Benz. That show allowed Fisker to land many investors including a big government loan meant to help promote the clean energy car industry.
With that initial set of investments, Fisker went on to produce its first planned model, the Karma. A luxury hybrid sedan with a price tag of 87k dollars. Currently the Fisker Karma price is $116k which reduced even more the potential market where the car can be introduced to. The company has also gotten bad press from a few incidents with fires on some of its cars.  After the Sandy storm, it was said the company lost a total of 388 cars due to flooding on its storage garage in New Jersey. This lost reduced the available inventory  available for display and sale on it network of dealers around the country.
Another big issue facing the Karma is mpg rating of only 54 while other electric cars like the leaf is rated at 94 mpg. Even the new Electric car by Ford reported it will produced 100 mpg rating.
Fisker will continue to struggle in 2013 to remain one of the newcomers in the still developing clean energy car industry.
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