Sunday, January 6, 2013

BMW The Best Seller Luxury Car in America in 2012

BMW said it sold a record number of 350.000 units in the U.S in 2012. This number makes it the number 1 luxury brand beating once again its long time rival Mercedes. (visit: reliable nyc towing service)
The BMW numbers means a 13% increase over 2011 sales. It also include sales of its Mini Brand.
Mercedes Benz for its part, reported 305.000 units sold, including its Smart brand and the Sprinter Commercial van.
Excluding Mini, Smart and Sprinter, the number were a littler tighter with BMW reporting 281K vs Mercedes 274k.
The car industry continued to enjoy a post recession bounce in 2012 starting in 2010.
MBW 5 series was especially strong with a 10% increased over last year's sales. 
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