Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mercedes Benz Wants to Be The Best Seller of Luxury Cars in the World by 2020


German Automaker Daimler has announced its bold goal of making its Mercedes Benz brand to be the most selling luxury car in the world by 2020.In an interview, its CEO Dieter Zetshe  said its company is taking all necessary measures to  move from its current third place behind BMW and Audi on the luxury segment by 2020. He hopes as a personal goal he can deliver the number one spot before his contract expire in 2013.
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In order to Mr Zetshe plan to work, Mercedes will need to  make serious dent on the Chinese market which is now the biggest car market in the world and where BMW is by far the leader in the luxury car segment.

Mr Zetshe did not mention by when Daimler will sell its stake in the EAD, a total of 8% but repeated one more time Daimler's intention to exit the aircraft and space sector in the short term.

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