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Hyundai Super Bowl Ad 5th Place on Youtube Adblitz 2013

This year's Hyundai "team" ad ranked number 5  in the list of best super bowl commercial on youtube's Ad Blitz . It also ranked number 5 according to USA today all important ad meter. The ad also got the number 1 spot among car commercials this year, according to the same source.

The ad also currently hast the 4th place with 14.2 million total views on youtube, which put it also on the top 5 ranking for ads with most views among all car makers.
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All Hyundai brands benefit from the Super Bowl commercial the company reported.Genesis website for example got an 800%  increased traffic after the super bowl weekend.

Steve Shannon director of marketing for Hyundai USA said this has been a great year for the branding efforts of the Korean car maker. Making it to the top 10 list in both USA Today ad meter and Youtube Ad Blitz represent a great success and impact for the brand.

The ads also created interest for the brand as reports said that got over 50% increase in traffic world wide.

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Daimler to Take a 12% Stake on Chinese Car Maker

Daimler, the German auto maker has agreed to buy 12% stake in Chinese car maker BAIC motor. This is a move that Daimler makes in order to compete better with BMW and Audi on the Chinese Luxury Market.
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Daimler will take 2 places on BAIC board of directors and will let the Chinese company have full control of local production of its two Mercedes Benz  vehicles. BAIC is scheduled to have a public IPO sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Last year the German car maker started a restructuring program aim to change around slow car sales in China. Currently its cars placed only third after BMW and Volkswagen.  The restructuring program including the appointment of a new director for China, the executive Hubertus Troska.

Mercedes- Benz reported an increase of less than 2% in 2012 compare to a year early while Audi and BMW posted 30% and 40% growth respectively,

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French Car Maker Peugeot Reported Biggest Lost in Its History

Automaker Peugeot has reported the biggest annual lost in its history. On Wednesday, the struggling French car maker said it has lost $7.6 billion in 2012. It said most of the lost came as a result of its dependence on European markets, an area that has been strongly hit by recession in the past 2 years.
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The French government has said many times it would take all necessary measures to keep the car maker afloat. The company already received from Paris a 7 Billion loan guarantee in 2012. Some analysts have said there is a slim possibility of the government taking a stake in the company. Both government officials and company executives have denied such agreement.
One other option on the table is the sale of Faurecia, which is a supplier but company CEO has said that would not provide any long term solution. 
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Fisker Automotive To Look for Potential Buyers

Fisker, the American car maker said it is now looking for a buyer. The company is reviewing different option including a bid for the whole company by the Chines company Dogfen Motor. This bid according to people familiar with the matter, would give the Chines firm full control over the carmaker. The bid is value at $350 Million. (for emergency towing visit

According to the company, it has received multiple bids from different continents and it is now evaluating all proposals.

Fisker, the maker of the popular hybrid Karma, was forced to stop production after the bankruptcy filling of A123 the car battery supplier.

The Karma is an all electric car with a selling price around $100.00. Its cars have been adopted by celebrities like Justin Bieber among others.

The company still have to repay $200 million to the U.S Energy Department, so the need for fresh capital trough a sale or a partnership is seen by analyst as a required measure in order to keep the company going.

In the case of Dongfeng's wins the option to buy Fisker, the company would likely move its operation to China, people familiar with the case said.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Toyota Motors Again is the Wold's Biggest Carmaker

Toyota of Japan has once again regain the title as the largest car maker in the world.  The development comes after strong sales in the second part of 2012, which indicates a full recovery for the company after a rough year after Asians tsunami. (read too: nyc towing service )
Toyota posted an increase of 23% in sales. A total of 9.75 million units sold. These numbers means Toyota out sold GM and Volkswagen which posted 9.3 million and 9.1 million each on fiscal 2012.
A weaker yen and higher sales in America and Asia contributed to the strong performance.
Toyota's record sales were also a result of series of initiatives aim at reducing cost and improve profitability said SMO Takahiko Ijichi on  a press event in Tokyo.
Finally Toyota announced is expected profits for the financial quarter ending on March will be 17% higher than expected. A comment received well by analysis.
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GM and French Automaker Peugeot Announce Production Alliance

French car maker Peugeot and American GM have announced they will create a stronger alliance to produce cars mostly for the European market. The new deal is an extension of the agreement both companies had in place since last year. With the previous agreement Peugeot and GM were sharing some aspects of production while marketing vehicle  with its own name and brands.
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The new agreement has the possibility of extent it to other markets outside Europe
The concept of sharing parts of production was first introduced by German automaker as a way to save production cost. With it companies share the production of parts like chassis.
GM CEO said that in the future the agreement can include Russia and South America a move that would help GM gain expertise on the manufacturing of small vehicles, an area where the French maker has focus for the past years.
The alliance will generate savings close to $2 billion and will introduce its first cars by 2016.
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