Friday, December 7, 2012

New Chinese Automaker Qoros to Debut its First Car at Geneva Auto Show

A new Chinese automaker is set to debut next March 2013 at Geneva Motor Show. Qoros will be realizing its firs car ever, A compact sedan designed for the Asia and European markets. Sketches of the sedan published by Qoros show a very power car with clear inspiration from German automa
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Qoros will be using a new technology that uses illuminated LED strips on the top of headlight cluster. This new technology is that is believe to improve drivers visibility.

The company also created a touch screen multimedia system that allows easy communication between driver and the car.   

At the Auto Show, Qoros plans to show also 2 more concept cars that will set the standard for new models to come. Qoros is the result of an Israel- Chinese effort created in 2007.  The company also said it expects to introduce new models every 6 six months after the show..

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Published: Dec 7.2012. New York CityTags: New Chinese Automarke Qoros to Debut its First Car at Geneva Auto Show 

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