Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Outlook on China is Very Cautions: Nissan COO

Nissan CEO  Toshiyuki Shiga Said Wednesday that Nissan continues to see their market presence in China in a cautious way. Nissan has be affected with the surge of anti Japan sentiment in Chinese consumers as direct consequence of territorial disputes between China and Japan.


Nissan Sales in October were down 41% compare to a year earlier and 35% in September. 

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Shiga Address the press in a press conference for the redesign of Sylphy sedan for the Japanese market.

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Nissan is by no means the only Japanese car maker affected by the territorial dispute. Toyota's sales were down on October by 61% while Honda tumbled 54%. Each decline a historic record for all 3 companies.

China is currently the biggest car market in the world and Japanese companies had a combine 23% of the market before September. According to new reports that share market stands now at 14%.

Japanese auto makers stand to lose in 2014  an estimated of 650.000 units of cars sold to China if political tension continue to be high.

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