Thursday, February 14, 2013

Toyota Motors Again is the Wold's Biggest Carmaker

Toyota of Japan has once again regain the title as the largest car maker in the world.  The development comes after strong sales in the second part of 2012, which indicates a full recovery for the company after a rough year after Asians tsunami. (read too: nyc towing service )
Toyota posted an increase of 23% in sales. A total of 9.75 million units sold. These numbers means Toyota out sold GM and Volkswagen which posted 9.3 million and 9.1 million each on fiscal 2012.
A weaker yen and higher sales in America and Asia contributed to the strong performance.
Toyota's record sales were also a result of series of initiatives aim at reducing cost and improve profitability said SMO Takahiko Ijichi on  a press event in Tokyo.
Finally Toyota announced is expected profits for the financial quarter ending on March will be 17% higher than expected. A comment received well by analysis.
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  1. Finally Toyota announced is expected profits for the financial quarter ending on March will be 17% higher than expected A comment received well by analysis thanks=)

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