Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hyundai Super Bowl Ad 5th Place on Youtube Adblitz 2013

This year's Hyundai "team" ad ranked number 5  in the list of best super bowl commercial on youtube's Ad Blitz . It also ranked number 5 according to USA today all important ad meter. The ad also got the number 1 spot among car commercials this year, according to the same source.

The ad also currently hast the 4th place with 14.2 million total views on youtube, which put it also on the top 5 ranking for ads with most views among all car makers.
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All Hyundai brands benefit from the Super Bowl commercial the company reported.Genesis website for example got an 800%  increased traffic after the super bowl weekend.

Steve Shannon director of marketing for Hyundai USA said this has been a great year for the branding efforts of the Korean car maker. Making it to the top 10 list in both USA Today ad meter and Youtube Ad Blitz represent a great success and impact for the brand.

The ads also created interest for the brand as reports said that got over 50% increase in traffic world wide.

What do you think  of  Hyundai ad? let us know on the comment section!

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