Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fisker Automotive To Look for Potential Buyers

Fisker, the American car maker said it is now looking for a buyer. The company is reviewing different option including a bid for the whole company by the Chines company Dogfen Motor. This bid according to people familiar with the matter, would give the Chines firm full control over the carmaker. The bid is value at $350 Million. (for emergency towing visit

According to the company, it has received multiple bids from different continents and it is now evaluating all proposals.

Fisker, the maker of the popular hybrid Karma, was forced to stop production after the bankruptcy filling of A123 the car battery supplier.

The Karma is an all electric car with a selling price around $100.00. Its cars have been adopted by celebrities like Justin Bieber among others.

The company still have to repay $200 million to the U.S Energy Department, so the need for fresh capital trough a sale or a partnership is seen by analyst as a required measure in order to keep the company going.

In the case of Dongfeng's wins the option to buy Fisker, the company would likely move its operation to China, people familiar with the case said.

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  1. The company is reviewing different option including a bid for the whole company by the Chines company Dogfen Motor.

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